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Looking for a fun and engaging way for your toddler or preschooler to learn their numbers? Do you have a child who needs special support with number recognition or counting? Try our hands-on, sensory approach with dough! Our NumberDough Mats is a collection of the numbers from 1-10 with a counter grid below each number for young children to practice counting! Help your child roll and shape their numbers to enhance cognitive learning and memory. Turn mats over to reveal adorable farm-themed friends to assist your little one in counting! Comes with a steel ring clasp, that opens to remove and spread cards, and closes to collect and organize them. 

A premium set that comes with 10 mats (5 x 8" each). Outlined on a calming pastel background, and fully laminated for re-use over and over again! Designed and made in Canada by an early years educator.

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