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3 Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Gardening Experience

3 Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Gardening Experience

Summer’s officially here, which means it's time to bring your little helper(s) into the garden to get their hands dirty - literally! Gardening is not only a therapeutic and grounding summer activity, but the sensory experience that it provides children with is like no other! Seize the warm days and welcoming mind of your toddler and make the most of the season in the garden! Here are 3 ways to get your little one excited and eager to spend more time outdoors this summer.

  • Creativity Mats™: In addition to our memorable modeling dough, The Dough Parlour’s Creativity Mats™ are a fantastic addition to your little one’s sensory experience, both indoors and out. With themes like Nature and Life Cycles, your child(ren) can connect with outdoor elements like rainbows and fresh blooms, all from the ease of our easy-to-clean, recyclable mats. Not only do our Creativity Mats™ make great “canvases” for your child’s modeling dough masterpiece, but they also double as the perfect interactive placemats!
  • Bucket Sets: Bring the beach to your backyard with a Bucket and Shovel set to give your little one the hands-on summer experience of their dreams! Whether they’re full of sand or soil, buckets and shovels are fun and fuss-free accessories to keep children busy outdoors. From building castles to patching up garden gaps, bucket sets are great to incorporate into outdoor playtime. Not to mention - they’re great for carrying our play dough too!
  • Watering Cans: Encouraging children to be mindful of other living things is important and often starts in the garden. Getting your little ones used to using tools like watering cans can give them a sense of responsibility to look after plants - real or fake! Not only are children’s watering cans perfect for playtime, but they also allow for the perfect mirrored mommy-and-child experience for when you’re watering your plants, and they’re watering “theirs”!

  • There are so many ways your little ones can engage in gardening fun this summer, whether it’s with a modelling dough set, our Creativity Mats™, or classic outside tools made child-friendly. We’ll have our sunscreen on and gardening mitts out with the children this season and we hope you do too!
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